RS Cain
Politician Blues
Last night I had a terrible dream
I couldn't run and I couldn't scream
A bunch of politicians coming down my street
They had teeth like pirahnnas and big clown feet
They rolled over everything like a Texas flood
And I knew right away they were out for my blood

They took my car and turned it into a tank
And gave my money to the Federal Bank
They outlawed dancin' and they taxed my shoes
Made it a felony to sing the blues
They wanted my house but they couldn't agree
So they burned it down and gave the ashes to me

They said "We know what we're doin' so whatever you do
Don't get in our way or we'll outlaw you"
Look out all you people
'Cause they'll be comin' for you
Seems the whole damn world
Got the Politician Blues

They'll tell you this and they'll promise you that
All they really want to do is make their wallet fat
They got the TV crowd
And the newspapers too
Seems the whole damn world
Got the Politician Blues

They'll tell you the enemy is right over there
Then they'll give 'em your food and sell 'em your air
They'll say the situation's lookin' awful funny
But we could figure it out if you give us more money
The whole damn crowd is just a waste of space
They wouldn't know the truth if it smacked their face

There's only one answer for the fix we're in
Kick 'em all out and start all over again
I'm tellin' you people
We need somethin' new
Seems the whole damn world
Got the Politician Blues
Lyrics Credits: RS Cain
Music Credits: RS Cain
Producer Credits: RS Cain
Publisher Credits: RS Cain/Bear In The Woods Music
Performance Credits: RS Cain
Label Credits: Bear In The Woods Music
Short Song Description:
A take on politics today...
Story Behind the Song:
If you watch the news at all, you know what I mean....
Song Length: 4:51
Primary Genre: Blues-Chicago
Secondary Genre: Blues-General
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Government
Subject Matter 2: Protest
Mood 1: Troubled
Mood 2: Annoyed
Similar Artist 1: Delbert McClinton
Similar Artist 2: Albert King
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later